Hodgkiss Bookkeeping Services

Are you a new business owner that needs help with setting up and managing your payroll, taxes and accounting system?

Do you have a drawer or folder full of receipts?

At Hodgkiss Bookkeeping Services, we understand that trying to setup and manage your company’s finances can sometimes look like a giant puzzle.

The facts are you need money to run your business and pay the bills. Having positive cash flow is the life blood of your business. 

Knowing when your customers payments will arrive and when your bills are due are critical to determining if you will have enough cash on hand to pay your bills.

Wouldn’t you like to have a CPA arrive at your door to provide personal guidance and to put procedures in place so you could have financial peace of mind?

Our goal is to work with you to create and build a strong financial foundation so you can run your new business and focus on activities that make you money.

Instead of getting stressed out over trying to keep track of your day to day finances, would it be nice to have someone help you manage your books? 

Our Bookkeeping Services include:

  • Check and verifying source documents including customer invoices, vendor bills, packing slips, purchase orders, and deposits.
  • Manage accounts payable – enter vendor bills into records, prepare checks to pay bills, present to management/owner for approval and signature and mail checks to vendors.
  • Manage accounts receivable – prepare invoices to customers for services and goods provided, receive payments against the invoices, prepare and make bank deposits.
  • Input data from payroll processor into accounting system.
  • Comply with internal control systems.
  • Assist with gathering data for tax preparation, audits and budget preparation

If you think we can be good a fit for your business, please contact us today to setup a free no obligation consultation at 603-321-6070  or Brenda@HodgkissBookkeepingCFO.com or fill out this form today!