Brenda Hodgkiss, CPA

Brenda Hodgkiss, CPA


Brenda Hodgkiss, CPA, an experienced CPA of 24 years plus practicing in the profession for 34 years.





The service I provide is Chief Financial Officer for hire.  A CFO has the responsibility for all financially related activities of the company. 

This includes but not limited to:

  1. Managing processes of budgets, financial forecasting and associated reporting to management.
  2. Ensuring financial credibility by providing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends and forecasts.
  3. Providing recommendations to enhance financial performance.
  4. Directing and overseeing all aspects of the Finance and Accounting functions of the company
  5. Maintaining a strong relationship with the owner and senior executives in identifying their needs and exploring business solutions with them
  6. Ensuring that effective internal controls are in place and the records are maintained in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals, federal, state and local regulations.

Many owners do not have any of the above in place for their company.  They are probably spending more time than necessary on the financial aspect of their business rather than concentrating on their strengths or they are not spending any time on the financial aspects then are in trouble at the end of the year when they need to file their tax returns or make financial plans or decisions.

The business has grown to a million dollar company, employing 5 people.
— John Brown, Manufacturer

What We've Achieved

Manufacturer  - Small Business

I began with this client when they were working out of their house and have been with them ever since.  At first, it was separating their business income and expenses from their personal records as they had just begun the business.  I worked with the business owner and also the owner’s wife to set up an accounting system.  I trained the owner’s wife on proper accounting for....   Read More →

Seasonal Distributor

This client had an inventory problem.  They had fired their previous financial person who had left them in an accounting nightmare.  I worked closely with the staff to indentify and correct the problems in their records.  This required developing a close relationship with....  Read More →