"I have had the opportunity to work with Brenda Hodgkiss at two different companies.  The first company Brenda did almost a complete rebuild on the financial side of the business.   I found her to be very knowledgeable in all of the aspects of the company the she worked with.   She was great to work with and took the time to educate the people in the company as she did the job to make the company self-sufficient once the project was done.

When I opened a new company Brenda was the first person I contacted as I wanted to start the company off the correct way.   Brenda is our CFO now and I never need to worry about the Accounting/Financial side of the business as I know she has things done the correct way.

I would highly recommend her to any company looking for someone to do the accounting/bookkeeping on a startup company or an existing company. Believe me when I say you will sleep better knowing Brenda has a handle on you company."          

-  Bob Polish - North Country Golf Car

"I've had the pleasure of partnering with Brenda's service for 10 years. I have recommended her often to the CEO’s of small and midsize companies that have the need for a part-time CFO in place of or to supplement their in-house staff’s.  She came into my businesses when I was segregating one company into three.  She set up the QuickBooks files for each company based upon the purchase and sales agreements.  As a small business owner with nominal financial experience, she listened carefully to my needs and custom crafted the books and accounts of each company so that our quarterly and annual reports could be run individually or combined if I needed to create a single consolidated set of financials. 

She worked with our staff and myself to set up budgets for the first time.  We are able to review the actual results versus the budget on a monthly basis.  It helped me to understand my income and expenses better. 

We continue to utilize her services as an independent CPA on a quarterly and annual basis. We're very happy!"

-  Charles Patterson, CHS-III C&R Associates, Inc.



"Before I started working with Brenda, my books were a mess & I felt overwhelmed by bookkeeping.  





"As a result of Brenda’s excellent training, I now feel organized and in control of my company’s finances.  Brenda set up my company’s accounts in Quick Books Online and taught me to do the weekly bookkeeping tasks myself. Brenda is extremely professional but also very approachable and she made me feel comfortable when I asked lots of questions."